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The World Cup's Cinderella: Morocco Sends Ronaldo's Ass Home, Becomes First African Team To Ever Make A Semifinal

Ohhh look at what we have here. Morocco (a team the US beat 3-0 mind you) is out here in the semifinal. The World Cup officially has a Cinderella and it's a historical one. They became the first African country to make a semifinal. They also sent Ronaldo's ass home. Love to see it. Especially a day after Messi scored and helped Argentina make the semifinals. 

This was a peak Morocco game. This is what they've done the entire World Cup. Defend their ass off, get the goal they need and then defend more. The goal was beautiful too

Get that dude in a dunk contest and on a basketball court. Minimum 6 rebounds per game with those sort of hops. Shit, he even had Ronaldo in disbelief 

Morocco did everything right - including surviving with 10 players after the ref tried to help Ronaldo/Portugal

Such a bullshit second yellow card. You can't give that there. But it didn't matter. Morocco's defense was too good - especially Bono the goalie. Dude has been nails all tournament. There's a reason they've only given up one goal the entire tournament and it was an own goal. 

A hell of a run from Morocco. We get this every so often in the World Cup and it's truly awesome. It's like George Mason making the Final Four back in 2006. They beat Spain and Portugal to get there similar to GMU beating UNC (in the Round of 32) and UConn in the Elite Eight. 

Sidenote, this was the most disrespectful thing I've seen. Pepe missed a pretty clean look on a header late in the match. Dude kisses his head

Such a shame for Ronaldo. Truly hate seeing him go home while Messi is still playing. Truly hate seeing him not get a goal when he came on as a sub and has to go home amid a bunch of controversy. 

And it must be said RIP Grant Wahl.