The Suns Got All Pissy And Chippy After Zion Williamson Mortal Kombat Finished Them With A 360 Windmill Dunk


Morons, fun haters, prudes and the Phoenix Suns will say this is too cruel and unsportsmanlike to run up the score, but I'm sorry — this is exactly the type of situation where you whip out a Dunk Contest-esque finish to hype up the home fans. Zion Williamson isn't gonna be part of that All-Star exhibition, but it's almost cooler that he did a score-of-50-worthy throwdown to cap off a convincing win over the Suns.

Hehehehe look at Chris Paul and the poor, sore losers get all butthurt about it:

Zion is seriously like a video game character with how cartoonishly strong and athletic he is, so I can't blame him for invoking a Mortal Kombat tactic to demoralize his sworn adversary.

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Considering Phoenix was last year's No. 1 seed in the West and the Pels pushed them to six games in the first round sans Zion, you have to wonder how deep New Orleans can go. The Pels got this victory without the services of Brandon Ingram and elite wing defender Herb Jones. Their power trio of BI, Zion and CJ McCollum have all been in and out of the lineup, so it'll be fascinating to see what they can do when everyone's ready to roll Stu Feiner style.

Don't look now…but the Pelicans are atop the Western Conference standings. Zion went for a cool 35-7-4 line, only attempted 17 shots, committed only two turnovers and had zero fouls to go with a +30 rating.

DAMN I hope Zion keeps this up. Good for him digging himself out of a whole-ass lost season, getting in the best shape of his life and being available for New Orleans to spark a strong start to the 2022-23 campaign. Zion moves the needle like few others in the NBA do, and it'd be incredible to see him play meaningful basketball in the postseason with at least two All-Star teammates flanking him.


Friday's epic slam was reminiscent Zion's famous breakaway at Duke:

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