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Argentina/Netherlands Gave Us The Perfect Bench Clearing Skirmish Highlighted By A Chest Bump Sending A Guy To The Depths Of Hell

This is it. This is the perfect soccer skirmish. It's not a fight. It's not a brouhaha. It's not a donnybrook. It's a skirmish. Gotta see at least one punch being thrown or at least a slap of some sort. But this is the perfect soccer skirmish because it starts with a bad tackle followed by booting the ball directly at the Netherlands bench. I love that move. If you want to start shit in soccer do that. Just line up a heater directly at everyone on the bench. They'll never see it coming. 

But the real highlight? Virgil van Dijk coming in with a chest bump that made old school Kane jealous. Sent the man to the depths of hell simply by being 6'5" and having a little bit of momentum behind him. Smart to not throw hands. He only got a yellow card because using your chest is legal in soccer, duh. 

Love seeing a little bit of passion like this. Could even see it from the Dutch fans. 

Impeccable form on this middle finger. 

I know people (Ronaldo fans, Dutch people) will complain that it wasn't a double yellow for the tackle and then booting the ball to start the skirmish. Frankly, I don't mind. I like hearing them complain and let the boys finish 11 on 11. And guess what happened when they did? 

Chaos. Goal to tie it at the (basically) buzzer. 

What a damn tournament. Dude scored two goals for Netherlands after coming on a sub, but only after he got a yellow card for yelling at the ref on the bench. Unreal.