We've Reached a New Low When Arizona's DC is Mocking the Patriots Looking for Looking 'Like a Defensive Guy is Calling the Offense'

Michael Dwyer. Shutterstock Images.

There is no sadder time in a man's life than when he reaches that point where people who once respected him feel free to talk about him right in front of him, in a way they would never have dreamed of in his prime. Even when he's a beloved figure they still revere. It's infinitely worse when said man was once feared and loathed. Say, a cantankerous old senior partner in the firm, or a cranky patriarch of the family who's lost his fastball. When people no longer have to be afraid of someone to the point they feel empowered to say and do whatever they want, it's a sort of living death. Which is worse than regular death. At that point, going gentle into that good night would be a mercy for all involved. 


But metaphorically speaking, that is exactly what the once universally feared and loathed Patriots offensive attack has been reduced to. Monday night's opponent feeling totally empowered to talk shit about it. While the offense has to sit there in the wheelchair, helpless to do anything about it. Not even able to ring a bell like Tio Salamanca. Once respected, now pitied:

Even if Vance Joseph was just cracking wise, which he immediately tried to pivot to:

Forget it. It's too late. Damage done. You can only j/k and lol so much, and it doesn't change the initial point. That under Matt Patricia - and to some undefined lesser extent, Joe Judge - the once mighty Patriots system is an object of ridicule. A laughingstock. It's dignity stripped away. It might as well be dancing in the street while tourists take pity and throw coins at its feet until social services take it away to a group home. 

And to make matters worse, let's consider the source, shall we? I have no particular axe to grind with the man. He was a bad head coach with the Broncos, but there's been a lot of those in Denver. But the Arizona defense he coordinates has given up the 12 most yards per game in the league and the second most points per game. And the second most points per game. 

This is exactly the kind of defense that would end up as chunks in the stool of a Charlie Weis, Bill O'Brien or Josh McDaniels. Even last year with rookie Mac Jones under center, McDaniels feasted on these teams. And for sure, throughout the Dynasty era, Patriots week was where angels feared to tread. Now a guy who is probably kneeling in unemployment's on-deck circle after four seasons of regression in Arizona, is writing jokes about Matty P. like he's working on his tight-5 for Open Mic night. 


And believe me, as recently as four years ago, these words would be plastered on on the whiteboard in the Gillette meeting room for all to see. The quote would be worth an extra 10-13 spite points, just to make an example of him. To show his place. To put the world on notice as to what happens to those who make insolent remarks. 

But in 2022? It's not worth the marker ink. If Joseph said, "It's like mid-bender Cocaine Bear is calling the offense," it would still mean starting the game with three straight 3 & outs, going 3-for-10 on 1st downs, and treating the red zone like the police threw stop sticks down all across the 20 yard line. 

I can take the abuse that comes with hatred of this team. In fact, we've spent 20 years putting that shit on our pancakes. What I can never tolerate is that things are so bad, even the coach of one of the worst units in the league has lost all fear of my team. And that he's totally in the right to feel that way. If these comments go unanswered, it'll be the worst indictment of the Patricia experiment yet.