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After A Doink And Ridiculous Match There's No Other Way To Put It - There's Something Magical About This Croatian Team

There's something with Croatia man. This is a country the size of Connecticut and here they are in the semifinals again. Not only that, but this is the 5th time in 6 matches they've gone to extra time. 4th out of 6 they've gone to PKs. They've won every single PK shootout. They beat England in extra time. The only match that didn't go to extra time for them is the 2018 World Cup Final. 

Don't get me wrong, they belong here. This is a damn good team led by Luka Modric. Their goalie Dominik Livakovic was unreal today. A ton of big time saves. Started the PKs with a save. I'd argue they outplayed Brazil. But the moment Neymar scored that ridiculous goal in the first half of extra time, they looked dead in the water. A ridiculous goal like that almost always spells a win. 

Except Croatia has something magical about them. Remember they started the World Cup with a 0-0 tie with Morocco. There were concerns about having to get out of group stage. Didn't matter. PKs against Japan. A late goal and then PKs against Brazil. This is why you have Brazil fans looking like this: 


While Croatian fans look like this: 

Also gotta say there's no worst sound than hitting the post. That thing doinked so loud. 

Also not ruling out this good luck charm: 


What a match.