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North Korea Broadcasted A South Korean National Team Soccer Game For The First Time Ever. It Was South Korea Getting Shit Pumped By Brazil

Michael Steele. Getty Images.

Listen. You can say whatever you want about Kim Jong-un and North Korea. Seriously. Say whatever you want about that piece of shit. 

But as far as a rivalry goes? Well that's just as clean of a shot as they come. Kim Jong-un might be a gigantic piece of shit as a human being, but this is pretty dang elite when it comes to sports fandom. Just think about how great it feels when you watch the team you hate the most get fucking worked. Yankees vs Red Sox. Alabama vs Auburn. Eagles vs Cowboys. Whatever it is, sometimes it feels even better to watch the team you despise the most get their ass beat than it does watching your favorite team win. Knowing their fans are dealing with total hopelessness and despair after a brutal loss has to feel better than any drug imaginable. You want to inject their tears directly into your veins. 

There are countless things that Kim Jong-un has done which I violently disagree with. Mainly the whole crimes against humanity stuff. But all I know is that if there were a channel in Philadelphia that only aired games when the Pittsburgh Penguins get their dicks kicked in, I'd be watching that shit all day long. South Korea gets shit pumped by Brazil and the game is over before halftime? It's hard to hate on the guy for deciding to finally broadcast one of their games on state TV. That's just professional grudge holding.