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A Lot Of Uptight People Think This Classy Lady’s Funeral Outfit Is Inappropriate

NY POST - A woman shared a sexy dress that she’s branding her “funeral dress” — horrifying the internet.

A model for clothing brand EdgyLittlePieces has posted multiple videos to TikToks that feature the brand’s “best-selling funeral dress.”

The “funeral dress” is a fitted halter mini-dress with large cutouts that show her cleavage and entire torso, with thin straps crisscrossing down her neck, chest, breasts and stomach.

People will find anything to be upset about nowadays. Especially women like the ones in the comments below.

“If I put this on for a funeral I think I would get disowned,” someone commented.

“My uncle would raise from the dead if I turned up in that,” another said.

“The only funeral I can imagine wearing those to would be me sugar daddies,” one person joked.

“If I wore that to a funeral I would be the one in the coffin,” a user wrote.

“If someone wears this for my funeral I will come back from the dead and take them with me,” someone quipped.

“Is it me or does this seem disrespectful,” one person said.

“I mean the dress is gorg but not for a funeral,” another added.

I think my man Chazz explained it best-

Funerals are insane. The chicks are so horny. “Grief is nature's most powerful aphrodisiac.”

They can't help themselves. It's like fishing with dynamite. 

If you know, you know.

Granted, yah, that dress screams more "night out at E11even with my bitches", than "honoring Aunt Janice's memory". But who am I to judge? Nobody. That's who. And neither are you. Everybody grieves in their own way.

So everybody mind their own business, let this lady live, and let chicks stay being horned the fuck up at funerals.