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FRANK IS DOWN! THE TANK IS DOWN! Rough n' Rowdy Weigh-In Ends With Frank The Tank On The Floor

Not cool guys. I understand this is fight promotion, and we're trying to sell Rough n' Rowdy, but let's not get carried away. Frank The Tank didn't sign up for this. Frank The Tank, out of the kindness of his heart, volunteered his time to supervise the Rough n' Rowdy weigh-ins. He didn't show up to get involved in a fight. He showed up to stand in the background in a hat that says "Hat" and wear a Mike Eruzione 1980 Team USA jersey. 

Knocking Frank "The Tank" Fleming to the floor was out of line. Luckily there were 2 Providence, Rhode Island police officers in bullet proof vests who were there to keep things under control. 

Everything gets going tomorrow night at 8PM EST. Buy here