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Here's The Full Fight Card Order For RNR19 TONIGHT Starting At 8 PM ET

SEASONS BEATINGS IS UPON US… Check out our full fight card + order for RNR19 above and if you want to dig deeper into each fighter knowing what city/state they're from, age etc head to our Instagram to look at the pinned matchup posters

Between the New England vs New York/New Jersey undercard, A+ notable returning fighters for the midcard, and our 5 main event finale, I think this has the makings of an all-time event. We're a few hundred tickets away from selling out the Amica Mutual Pavilion and you can taste the energy in the Providence air. 

Order the PPV with 48 hour replay on BuyRNR.com and sit back on Friday for what should be the wildest 3 hours of entertainment you'll see in 2022. Watch some of our best matchup videos in the thread below and LET'S FUCKIN GO GRACE!!!