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The Falcons Are Finally Benching Marcus Mariota And Starting Desmond Ridder

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Finally. I don't know why it took this long for Arthur Smith to realize that Marcus Mariota is hot dog water, but better late than never, I guess.

I could understand waiting for the bye week to make this change if your bye was Week 9, but this move was long overdue. It has been very clear the entire season that Mariota just doesn't have it anymore. If Desmond Ridder had been the starting quarterback since Week 1, I think the Falcons are at worst 5-8 — which they are now anyway — and at best could probably be 9-4.

I don't even really care if Atlanta wins or loses the rest of the season, just let us see what we have in Ridder. I get that Mariota was brought in to be the starter and he has a good relationship with Smith, but let's at least find out if your third round pick is good or not. I'd rather lose with Ridder than win with Mariota at this point.

And as crazy as it is, Ridder will take the reins in the middle of a playoff race as the Falcons could be just a game behind the Buccaneers when he makes his first start. We now #RideWithRidder.