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A Great Thread Breaking Down The "58 Minute Man" Justin Fields

I am not going to lie.... This triggered me. We finally have a quarterback to get excited about in Chicago and the old head, stuffy, curmudgeon media types like Dave Portnoy and Rick Morrisey of the Chicago Sun-Times are trying to perpetuate a narrative that simply isn't real. Fields is a stud. All the 58 minute man and RB1 talk deserves to get people like that blocked because they're just trying to troll people out jealousy. Anyone who pays attention to football and the Bears knows that Fields is real and this thread perfectly illustrates how good Fields has been and how his teammates have largely let him down

We all know that Fields needs more weapons. That has been discussed ad nauseum and yet somehow some old people in the media want to look the other way on that so they can take little pot shots at Justin Fields. It's gross. Here is what the competition has to say about the guy who is arguably the Bears #1 receiver right now

Not nice, but kind of true. I like ESB. He's a good blocker. He can make some plays with the ball in the air. He's good enough to be a 4-5 option on an NFL team in my opinion. If he's your primary option in the 2 minute drill because everyone is hurt except the guy who has been in the offense for less than a month, well, you're going to be in trouble. 

Trouble isn't a problem though. Trouble is the goal. The Bears wanted to find a QB…check. Build good habits…check. And acquire assets for the future…