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The City Of Knoxville Wants To Ban Beer Sales At Tennessee Games In 2023 Because The Fans Were Too Awesome This Season

Knoxville News-Sentinel — The city of Knoxville has fired back at Aramark, saying the University of Tennessee at Knoxville's alcohol vendor is not just responsible for the beer that is poured at Neyland Stadium, but for the behavior of fans.

The stakes in the dispute are high. The city is seeking at minimum to suspend beer sales for three home games in the 2023 season, with the possibility of revoking Aramark's license entirely.

Hearing officer and attorney Loretta Cravens will decide Dec. 19 whether Aramark has a case to strike portions of the city's original complaint, filed in response to three underage alcohol sales at the stadium this season. She will decide then to either set a final hearing to decide whether Aramark's permits should be suspended or revoked − or if no action is necessary.

The original complaint includes allegations that extend beyond the three reported incidents, citing general "disorderly" conduct on game days and incidents that happened under previous Aramark permits.

Neyland Stadium was the best it's been in two decades this season and the city of Knoxville wants to punish everyone for that by getting rid of beer sales for at least three games next season and potentially altogether. We simply can't have three instances of underage alcohol sales out of the hundreds of thousands of beers that were sold in the stadium this season or "disorderly" conduct like one of the best nights in Tennessee football history.

Yeah, that totally wasn't going to happen if there was no Coors Light available in the stadium. But thankfully, eliminating the three underage transactions and access to beer with a 30-minute wait will completely eradicate alcohol consumption on campus during game days, especially by those under 21 years old. When you can get rid of a huge revenue stream that everyone loves because THREE kids found a way to get a beer, you gotta do it.

I believe this nonsense will be taken care of and nothing will come of it, but this is why you don't trust the government, kids. They're always trying to find a new angle to make your life worse.