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The Dodgers Reportedly Won't Pursue Carlos Correa Partially Because Their Fans Are Upset That He Was On The Astros Team That Cheated Back In 2017

I mean what are we doing here? Dodgers fans should be drooling at the thought of adding Correa to their lineup. Who the hell cares what he did in 2017? Did he murder Sandy Kofaux on the mound? No? Okay, then you want him on your team then. 

I don't want to hear that the fans wouldn't like it either. You know what the fans would like? When Correa hits .280 with 30 homers and helps lead them to their 35th straight division title. Correa is one of the if not the best shortstops in baseball and you don't want him on your team because he cheated against you FIVE years ago? Who cares?


If I'm the Dodgers owner and I have a chance to add Correa, I do it in a heartbeat. The fact that the fans wouldn't like adding a top player because of that reasoning blows my mind. You know what fans like? When their team wins. You know what Correa would do? Help their team win. If he makes your team better, who gives a shit what he did years ago on the field? 

Again if I'm an owner I'm kindly telling the fans, "Suck it up and enjoy winning 104 games". No one is going to care about this in October when they're on their way to the NLCS again. What a wild reasoning for not wanting a top baseball player on your team. It's truly mind bottling.