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Crying, Sulking, Denying Reports - We've Reached The Point Where Ronaldo Can Only Lose The World Cup For Portugal

[Translated] - Congratulations Portugal 🇵🇹♥️💚
While the 11 players sang the anthem all targets on you.
What a shame he didn't get to enjoy the best player in the world for the 90 minutes. The fans haven't stopped claiming you and screaming your name.
I hope God and your dear friend Fernando hold hands and make us vibrate one more night ⭐️

This is from Ronaldo's girlfriend. Wait there's more: 

His sister who is arguably the biggest complainer in the world. And then this from Ronaldo: 

[Translated] - A group too close to be broken by outside forces. A nation too brave to let itself be frightened by any adversary. A team in the truest sense of the word, which will fight for the dream until the end! Believe with us! Strength, Portugal!

Remember this all stems from the atrocity that Ronaldo was benched vs Switzerland. Actually let me be more specific. This all stems from the match that Portugal won 6-1, where Ronaldo was benched and his replacement scored the first hat trick of the World Cup. Instead we have his entire family complaining because this is who Ronaldo is. He's a crybaby. He's a whiner. He refuses to do what's best for his team. 

This is why we've reached a point that Ronaldo can only lose the World Cup for Portugal. He can't win it for them anymore. Sure, he can score a goal (in theory). But Portugal is better without him. At least until he buys in like the rest of the team. He's too busy crying that he should have a goal because it flicked his hair and demands it. Portugal is at its best with guys flying around and instead Ronaldo just hangs out up top, doesn't want to drop back at all defensively and will only make his runs. 

That's why this went viral - now, he apparently did clap but still a bad look and he knows it

Portugal drew the surprise team of the tournament and gets Morocco in the quarterfinals. They are being gifted a trip to the semifinals. But the fact is THIS version of Ronaldo? This is how Portugal loses a World Cup.