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An Online Simulator Lets You Drop An Asteroid Anywhere In The World While Calculating How Big The Crater Would Be, How Big The Explosion Would Be, And How Many People Would Die

I got a weird taste in entertainment these days. Back when I was a young whippersnapper, I consumed sports on sports on sports on sports 24/7/365. 

Now I'm limited solely to baseball and football. That's it. Long gone are the days of me watching a half dozen or more SportsCenter episodes and sitting on for hours on end throughout the day.

I've turned my attention more towards documentaries. Aliens, conspiracies, true crime, war, nature (give me a new Planet Earth) and, of course, doomsday docs.

So when I pull up the internet and see that some dude (or chick, it's 2022) created a simulation that allows you to drop an asteroid anywhere on earth, I'm all in.

Here it is below:

Obviously the first thing I did was drop an asteroid directly on to the mound of Yankee Stadium. I fucking hate greasy Yankees fans and NYC as a whole and if it were up to me, I'd wrangle up New Yorkers, ship em off to a remote island, and nuke that island until it glows. 

For my first simulation, I left the pre-selected traits of the asteroid alone. 

Here's the asteroid we're working with:


An estimated 728,000 Yankees fans would be instantly vaporized


An estimated 3.6MM Yankees fans would die from the fireball


An estimated 5.1MM Yankees fans would die from the shockwave


An estimated 4MM Yankees fans would die from the wind blast.


And 30,000 Yankees would die from the earth quake. 

Sweet! Doing some mental math, about 13,500,000 Yankees fans would die if an asteroid that has a 1500 foot diameter hit Yankee Stadium at 38,000MPH and a 45 degree angle. Awesome! Sure, there is some collateral damage there. Mets fans and my mom (lives in NJ) would be dead too. But that's a price I'm willing to pay

…Now let's crank this bitch up to the max and hit Wrigley Field next:

Yep, I just wiped out the entire Midwest:

And 75,000,000 people would be dead. Instantly. Just instantly fried into nothingness. I'd be dead too, but if that means dead Cubs fans, I'll take one for the team. On that note, I no longer have to watch White Sox baseball (awesome) and I got a blog out of a doomsday scenario while you guys killed time in your cubes fucking around with this website. Sick! 

PS - I really hate Yankees fans