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'Wednesday' Is The Greatest Show On Netflix Right Now

Wednesday, the show about Wednesday Addams of The Addams Family from the mind of Tim Burton, has a chokehold on me that I can't even come close to getting out of. I knew when it was coming out that I was going to love it, but this much? I've worn my hair in braids at least 3 times since I finished it. I considered dying my hair darker. I didn't even put on bronzer today. Wednesday Addams portrayed by Jenna Ortega is a perfect medley of violent melancholia and I want to drink her through a straw. 

I'm not the only one, mind you. Wednesday is about to knock Stranger Things and Squid Game off the charts in its FIRST TWO WEEKS. Jenna Ortega herself has gained TEN MILLION instagram followers since the premiere. And she barely has any Instagrams up!!!

I'm obsessed with her for sure. But what I'm more obsessed with, are the lines the character Wednesday gets to dish out:

For those who are longtime Addams Family Originals lovers, Christina Ricci (who played OG Wednesday) is in this series as well, this time as a teacher. A lot of the quotes Wednesday says are exact quotes by Christina from the movie! ITS ALL BRILLIANT!!!!

Anyway, just watch it. I keep forcing it on people and they all seem to love it (or are lying to me out of fear, as usual.)