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Woj Just Went On TV And Said Robert Williams Is Pacing To Return In 10-12 Days But Don't Be Surprised If It's Sooner

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If you've been following along, you know that I was only able to last 21 games before I eventually caved and fully started taking the bait when it comes to Rob's eventual return. I know it's a dangerous game to play given how often the Celts lie to us about recovery timelines/injury severity, but I couldn't help it. The second I saw this clip

it was a wrap for my brain. I found myself diving head first into all the rumors and speculation.

Initially, Woj then came out and said Rob was going to be back aorund Christmas. That was fine by me, in fact if he wanted to wait until 2023 I wouldn't be too upset about it. Well now we have another video of Woj and frankly, I'm having a hard time containing my excitement

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What was 12/25 is suddenly somewhere between 10/17-19. That alone is awesome, but it's that last part that I'm freaking over a little bit

"Don't be surprised if Rob wakes up one day and decides he's ready"

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This tells me a few things. Rob is most likely healthy right this second, they're just working on his conditioning/seeing how he responds to practice/scrimmages. Looking ahead at the Celts schedule, that 10-12 day timeline would mean Rob would make his debut after this West Coast trip

But you know what? I can't shake that last comment from Woj. I'm ready to convince my brain of the following scenario.

I think Rob is going to wake up and decide he's ready to play on December 10th against the Warriors. There will be a few days off to get him to the Bay, it's a big time matchup obviously, it's on ABC, the whole nine. He then won't play again until the Lakers game on the 13th, which gives him a few days to respond/recover. He plays and dominates LeBron and AD in that game, then gets a handful of days off before the homestand. From there, he gets put on the Al Horford load management plan. Tell me that doesn't make some sense given how Woj is talking?

Maybe this is a little unrealistic, but I can't help it. That Woj video has my blood pumping. This team managed to go 20-5 without one of their most important pieces. Their offense is historic. We've all waited so long for this moment to finally arrive and we're now at the point where it could happen any day now. 

Buckle up folks.