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BREAKING: Here Is The Full Fight Card For RNR19

RNR19 is only 2 days away and there's gonna be a ton of content coming out over the next 69 hours. You can check out the full fight card above now and check back Thursday for the full fight card order. We just put out the PPV intro too…

Barring any random dropouts we actually have 23 brawls coming on Friday night and I truly think they're some of our very best. Hit a perfect balance of notable returning fighters, adding a TON of completely unproven (0-0) matchups, New England vs New York/New Jersey brawls, something for NFL fans, something for Youtube/TikTok fans, something for Barstool/PlanBri fans, along with adding Ryan Whitney to call some fights with Dave Portnoy, Big Cat, & Robbie.

Order now on BuyRNR.com with 48 hour replay… Broadcast starts at 8 pm ET Dec 9th