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This GIANT Sports Bar in Chicago Doubles as a Concert Venue

Action! And welcome back to Da Bars season 2, episode 4 for a deep dive look at Joes on Weed. This is one of the most famous and well known bars across Chicago and particularly our demographic here at Barstool. Tommy and Ed have done remarkable things with the property, and it's been deeply ingrained in the Barstool Chicago experience going back to the early Big Cat days. We've done watch parties and concerts and NBA Jam tournies and so much shit there, it was almost a pure no brainer to run them back for a Da Bars. 

Interesting enough we get a great combo atmosphere. Illini basketball in the front room with a loaded country music concert in the back. You couldn't ask for a more Joes On Weed kind of environment for me to show it off and I couldn't be more proud and happy to do so. 

Thanks to Miller Lite for continuing to let me work on this project. It's our 10th bar we've covered and with your support we'll keep doing more. By far and away one of my favorite things to work on. 


#1 though? That's Starting 9 and I'm so jacked up they're letting me and Jake run it back for next year. More on that later, but please subscribe to the show. I know that's a weird connection to make but there's definitely no Da Bars without Starting 9 any more so go through that page some love. Otherwise it will be your fault one day. Don't let that happen by subscribing HERE