Cardinals Snatch Wilson Contreras From The Cubs To Begin The Post Yadi Era In St Louis

We just got done talking about this on Starting 9 that comes out tomorrow morning so obviously check that out. There's an emergency podcast dropping right now about the Aaron Judge contract and a bunch of great shit. I can't pump or promote this week's worth of content any harder particularly given how much time and effort we're putting into the conversation. Check it out here before I lament into my personal feelings about losing my longtime catcher to those filthy St. Louis fans. 


Willson shocks me in getting 5 years. I thought 4 would be the cap and I thought the Cardinals would unload for Sean Murphy given the state of his contract and the way these deals are moving. A lot of things had me thinking this wouldn't be a fit and Contreras would have to wait until later in the offseason to sign a bigger deal. I was wrong in that sense. Maybe he would've made more money later but we'll never know. The Cardinals give him the $17.5M the Cubs promised Cody Bellinger and now we get to watch Willson play so many times a year. Painful, no doubt. 

And probably more painful is that I was so happy to get over Yadier Molina this year. That guy has been ruining me for nearly 20 years and now the alternative is the guy who won the Cubs a World Series. You fuckin kiddin me? That's so rich. 

Do I want to bury Tom and Jed for it? Not really. Not the best time for me to sit here and bitch when there's so many other issues at hand. For now it just kinda blows. It's just pretty lousy. He could play for 28 other teams and I'd staunchly support him the rest of his career. Instead he's with my arch rivals and now that's something I'm going to have to deal with while the Cubs finish behind the Cards for another half decade. I probably deserve this and maybe one day I'll learn exactly why. Until then go listen to Starting 9 so you can feel my pain in real time: 

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