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Here Is A Fascinating Thread About How Gregg Berhalter Used Nepotism To Become The Head Coach Of Our Beloved USMNT

The dust has settled on this run for the United States at the World Cup. I think most people were happy that the United States navigated its way through the group and performed extremely well against England on the World's biggest stage. There were many moments where I was personally proud of our team and how they represented us. This tournament was always about looking forward because our "Golden generation" was so young and America is hosting the World Cup in 2026 when many of these players will be in their prime. 

There was controversy around the club. Complaints about the lineup and strange subs/tactics by the head man, Gregg Berhalter. Now, I love the game, but I am hardly an expert. In fact, it wasn't until I really started following Forest that I realized how little I actually knew about the game of soccer. This thread about how Gregg Berhalter got the job was interesting. I don't know if it's 100% true, but I think it is worth posting

Gregg Berhalter's brother, Jay, being 2nd in command at the US Soccer Federation was certainly news to me. 

When I was kid Ernie Stewart was one of my favorites. Getting hired by a Berhalter and then only interviewing a Berhalter for the head coaching job is not a good look. 

Like I said above, how much of this is true I don't know but this guy lays out a nearly flawless argument from where I am sitting. 

Now, I don't think the lineup and tactics were solely to blame for the US going out in the round of 16. I don't think losing to a traditional power like the Netherlands should get Berhalter whacked on it's own. I do think that losing in the round of 16, lineup and roster questions, tactical issues, substitution questions, and overt nepotism/corruption should get him fired. 

The United States is looking at the opportunity of a lifetime. How many countries get to host a World Cup while their "Golden Generation" should be at the peak of it's powers? I think the answer is probably zero. The USMNT has to get EVERYTHING as close to perfection as it possibly can for that tournament. One of those boxes to check has to be hiring the right head coach.