This Moroccan Reporter Losing His Mind In The Press Box As They Beat Spain Is Something We Need More Of In America

I love this guy. You think he gives a shit about 'no cheering in the press box?' Hell no because no one should. Who cares? That's really the point of this. The whole stuffy big J bullshit about showing up in your khakis and sitting there pretending not to care is so stupid. SVP puts it the best whenever he talks about Maryland (or when he did SportsCenter with Stuart Scott and had a UNC highlight) - we all come from somewhere. That's what this should be like. Now if you're just doing a job and not a fan of the team, fine, whatever. Sit there stoic and don't cheer.

But if you are a fan of the team, go crazy. I promise people don't care. In fact more people care if they connect with you and either cheer for/against you when it comes to your teams. I can't imagine trying to hide the fact I went to UK and openly cheer for them. Life would be more miserable than it already is watching them lose. Just having to sit in a press box wearing an uncomfortable button up shirt? No thank you. 


So shout out this guy. This is how you should act when you watch your team pull off a major upset. The man couldn't even handle his emotions. I respect that move. Pretty sure every fan of any sport, any team has been in this situation. The game you can't believe. The moment that you realize you're actually pulling it off. You just start jumping around and saying gibberish for the most part. But everyone understands. 

Oh and it's not just soccer that does this. Every sport - if you care about it - does the same. Is the World Cup different than a bowl game? For sure. No one is arguing that. But we gotta stop the 'my sport' does whatever. No every sport has similar traits it's just whether you care about it or not. 

I miss feeling like this. I'd like to do that again.