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"The Mick" O'Malley Is About To Fall From Grace And Into A Cajun Swamp At Rough N Rowdy

Ever since I was hired by Barstool Sports, all I have heard about is how tough people from Massachusetts and New England are. Apparently Milton Tough was a slogan long before my time.


I have a lot of respect for Grace O'Malley representing her people on Friday night fighting at Rough N Rowdy at the Arena Formerly Known As The Dunkin' Donuts Center in Providence, Rhode Island in front of 5,000 Stoolies. But she is about to learn a valuable lesson I learned long long ago….


Grace The Mick O'Malley is taking on Parker who is called The CAJUN PUNISHER. These Cajuns are a different breed of tough. Nothing fazes them. There's a reason you see Dustin Porrier and Daniel Cormier dominating the UFC. And anyone who calls themselves THE CAJUN PUNISHER?!?!? Those are some serious fighting words that I take seriously.

The Cajun Punisher may not be entering with as much fan fare but I AM NOT FOOLED! Did Grace grow up wrestling alligators in the swamp? I don't think so! The Mick better watch out or she is going to be lying face down in the Swamp!

I am going to be ring side at my first RNR Friday night backing the boot against a whole lot of Massholes. If you have never seen Rough N Rowdy, you have no clue what you are missing out on! It is hilariously fun with Dave Portnoy and Big Cat on the commentary and entertaining fights.

Purchase Rough N Rowdy at for $29.95. I PROMISE YOU WILL BE ENTERTAINED!