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Some Mexican Politician Is Trying To Ban Messi From Being Allowed To Enter The Country Because Of His 'Lack Of Respect'

[Source] - A furious Mexico politician is attempting to have Lionel Messi barred from entering the country and has officially tabled a motion against the Argentina captain.

Mexican politician Maria Clemente Garcia Moreno is among those who were disgusted by Argentina skipper Messi over his “lack of respect towards Mexico” at the World Cup.

“The Chamber of Deputies of the Honorable Congress of the Union respectfully urges the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to issue the corresponding Declaration in order to declare persona non grata within of the territory of the United Mexican States to the citizen of Argentine and Spanish nationality, Lionel Andres Messi Cuccitini, due to his manifest contempt and lack of respect towards Mexico during the World Cup of the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) on Saturday, November 26, 2022,” the document reads.

How can I put this as politely as I can? Here's the best I have: 

Shut the fuck up. 

That's basically as kind as I can be. Somehow Mexico keeps embarrassing itself. First, Canlo went off on Messi: 

Then we had Mexico get eliminated in group stage. A true shame. Hate seeing El Tri fail, but at least this time they broke the streak of 7 straight losses in the Round of 16 (including one to the US. Dos a cero losers.). And now we have this politician trying to ban Messi from entering Mexico? Give me a break. Canelo already apologized. You already pissed off Tyson: 

I know Messi is too professional to do this, but I wish he came out and just made a mockery of it. He should give back the Mexico jersey that he swapped after the match - and the whole reason for this saga. It's wild how many people don't know how locker rooms work. You have a sweaty ass jersey, you put it on the floor to get washed. The best part of Mexico getting all huffy about this is Argentina's jerseys are on the floor too. Did they disrespect their own country? For shame. 

Sorry your country stinks at soccer, politician. That's what Messi should say. I hereby declare that Messi is welcome to come to America, but he has to play for FC Cincinnati not Inter Miami.