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Shane Wright Will Break Wayne Gretzky's Goal Record If He Plays Against Montreal 894 More Times

Icon Sportswire. Getty Images.

Destiny. It's a weird thing. Some people believe in it, others do not. Are the events of one life already mapped out for them from the beginning? Is what is going to happen in the future always what was meant to be? I don't have the answers. All I know is that the moment the Montreal Canadiens drafted Juraj Slafkovsky with the 1st overall pick of the 2022 NHL Draft, it became Shane Wright's destiny to dunk on them every single opportunity he gets. 


For years leading up to the draft, Shane Wright was pegged as the #1 prospect. For months leading up to the draft, Shane Wright was pegged as the #1 prospect. For weeks leading up to the draft, Shane Wright was pegged as the #1 prospect. But a few days leading up to the draft, things started to change. Whispers were in the air that Montreal wasn't sold on the Canadian kid. And on the night of the draft, they went ahead and drafted Slafkovsky with that 1st overall pick. Shane Wright fell to 4th overall and threw a couple death stares over to Montreal's way off the stage. 

Now once the season got started, it seemed like Montreal made the right decision. Shane Wright wasn't able to work his way into Seattle's lineup on a nightly basis, was watching most of the games from the press box, and eventually got sent down to the AHL for a few games. But after 4 goals in 5 games with the Coachella Valley Firebirds, Shane Wright got the called back up to the Kraken for last night's game against Montreal. 15 minutes into the night…

Shane Wright scores the first goal of his NHL career. 1 game against the Montreal Canadiens, 1 goal. Destiny. 

Now unfortunately the Seattle Kraken only play against the Montreal Canadiens 2 times per year. The most they could ever play against the Habs, I guess, would be 9 if they ended up playing against each other in the Stanley Cup Final and it went to a game 7. So even if the Habs and Kraken played each other every single year in the Cup Final, that means it would take roughly 99 years for Shane Wright to play 895 games against Montreal. That's how many it would take for him to pass Wayne Gretzky's all-time career goals record of 894. Interesting how it would take 99 years, though. Almost as if it's…destiny. 

P.S. -- Kraken lost 4-2.