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Sign The Petition To Change The Definition

We all know where we were. 

The night is November 4th, 2008. Barack Obama, now President Obama, is saying the final words of his acceptance speech. A mid 40s Brandon Walker was answering “...yes” when one of his crying sons asked him “Is this the end of the whorld Dadduh”. His wife's tears would be swallowed by the dirt floor of the living room, if not for her mega titties stopping them after tumbling off her flawless face.

I was sitting in my own home, smiling ear to ear, looking at the iconic Obama illustration hanging on my wall. I wasn’t looking at his face though. No. I was looking at the words underneath. Change. We did this, the little guy, the people, rallied together as one to make something monumental happen. I will never forget that feeling.

I'll be honest, I thought it was a feeling I'd get to experience over and over again, but alas, here I am 14 years later with just that one moment. But I guess that's because there was never anything that lit a fire like that...until now.

It's a word I hear from my sport superfan coworkers (Tommy, Tiko, PFT) daily when a game doesn't go their way. A word that gives me a visceral reaction when I see it typed out.

Rigged. Rig. Rigging. Rigs.

Phonetically it's the most beautiful sounding word I have ever heard in my 30 years on this earth. Music to my ears. It's the connotation that fucking sickens me. 

Why waste a word like that on something that implies cheating, a scheme, a nefarious act.

That's why I am rallying you, no, US, the people, the little guy, to rally as one again to change the undertone. Hell, lets go one step further, let's change the whole damn meaning.

Currently the definition is



: to manipulate or control usually by deceptive or dishonest means

Let's throw this definition in the trash. I have a few ideas of what we can replace it with:

: one who doesn't care what others think

  • In this example, a man has had broken playground equipment in his backyard for years. 
  • "He is so rigged! He looks at that broken swing every day and does nothing."

: a selfless person

  • In this example, a man has donated his blood to help people in need.
  • "Wow a transfusion? So rigged!"

: an extreme athletic feat

  • In this example, Dolphin RB Mostert scored on an impressive run.
  • "Holy shit touchdown! Thats rigs Raheem!"

It starts with us. All I ask is for a little caution, a little sensitivity. The next time you send a text, email, or letter, as you proofread check for rigs. Treat it the same as checking for punctuation or when you cross your t's and uncross your i's.

Let's make a difference.