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Jon Heyman Belongs In Prison For Botching The Aaron Judge News

Listen I'm fully ready at a moment's notice for Aaron Judge to sign with the San Francisco Giants. There's too much out there at this point for that to be a true surprise to anyone. That doesn't mean Jon Heyman should be allowed to pull this fucking move. 

No excuse, Jon Heyman should have to go to jail. Instead he's allowed to waltz around the floor at the Winter Meetings like he did nothing wrong. 

It wouldn't shock me if Heyman's tweet led to several deaths. Since then we've heard the Yankees are "still in play" and that no one has been informed this is over. There's other stuff saying the opposite. 

I don't know what to think, but my heart can only take so much. 

Just end this. Give me the Passan bomb that tell me he went to the Giants. Take Heyman's phone away.