The Guardians Have Announced Loud And Clear That They're Going For It All This Year With The Signing Of Josh Bell


Is this what it feels like to be from a big city? And I'm not just talking about the Guardians here, I'm talking about all of Cleveland.  We never do this! But in the last calendar year alone, the Browns have made big moves to bring in Deshaun Watson, the Cavs have done the same for Donovan Mitchell, and the Guardians have re-signed Jose Ramirez and spent money on Josh Bell. Is this what it feels like to have money? This is pretty fun! 

Although, according to our resident baseball expert, it appears we got a steal:


Shrewd moves by the front office: the Cleveland Guardians way.

Now, as for this signing, the question is does upgrading from Josh Naylor to Josh Bell take us over the hump to beat the Yankees and/or Astros? I don't know about that, but it certainly helps. It's a perfect fit for Cleveland, signing a power hitter in the middle of the lineup that can bat from both sides of the plate. I love the fire that Naylor played with last year, but he left a hole in the order against lefties. This fixes that and now he can just mash righties. Our lineup instantly looks more dangerous:

And the best part about this move is that it signifies the Guardians are going for it all this year. The surprise AL Central title was nice, but the youngest team in baseball is now a year older, filling holes, not done yet. Now bring me Sean Murphy from Oakland so I can get my World Series tickets!!!! (or at least my back-to-back Division Champs shirt).

**My goodness, being an Ohio sports fan really is a chore these days. One day you're winning the AL Central, the next you're making the College Football Playoff, then you set a franchise record of TWO straight wins for the Browns, and now you make the biggest splash signing of the off-season? What's next!