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Olivia Dunn Is Back, This Time Because Haters Online Are Accusing Her Of Being "Computer/A.I. Generated"

The Sun - Louisiana State University gymnast Olivia Dunne has turned heads during pre-season gym training. The stunning influencer, 20, became a teenage millionaire on the back of her online fame. The 20-year-old from LSU is worth $2.3m and has taken college gymnastics by storm.

Her latest set of snaps has sent fans wild - with some accusing her of being created by artificial intelligence. Dunne is seen back in the gym, standing by the balance beams as she begins her pre-season routine.

Rocking a black leotard, she captioned the pics: "‘tis the pre-szn :)"

One fan wrote: "You’re not real. Deadass computer generated."

And she's recently had to defend her right to post whatever images she likes after a college basketball coach bemoaned her approach as a 'step back' for women.

I really don't know what to say here, other than that I agree, this girl looks fake life. Meaning too good to be true.

Between her and Culpo, they are making a strong case that Olivia is the hottest girls name on the planet.