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MUST READ WARNING: This New AI Writing Software Will Get Every Blogger Fired

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This ChatGPT software that has hit the internet is some extremely interesting stuff. Artificial intelligence research has come very far. Now, if you wanted a blog telling you more about this OpenAI ChatGPT software, the best way I can show how extraordinary it is, I asked it to write a blog on itself. It wrote one way faster than any blogger could. Seriously, I just typed in "Write a Blog Describing ChatGPT". It did a solid 200-300 words.

Yeah, officially, this thing could absolutely take my job, and if a certain blog owner were smart, he would fire all the real bloggers and just have this thing write every blog for the price of electricity and cut millions in salary costs. The page views this thing could generate with just minute details of a story are crazy. Like, watch this. I am going to enter a certain amount of background that could easily be copy pasted from a short news story online. 

Now we see the answer. The scariest part is it wrote this in under 30 seconds. 

I am going to have to use AI as a tool because its grammar is impeccable. I then asked the AI if it was able to take my job. 

Look, this thing is witty. I am 100% going to try to prove that this thing can't exactly do what I do. As I found out, it has no idea how to turn short tweet videos into full-length blogs. Humans still have the upper hand. 

This thing couldn't do shit because it couldn't access the internet. 

Hell yeah, fuck you, AI. Can't do shit.

But tbh it's only because the AI has no access to the internet. 

This thing could actually write a whole blog on this situation if I put in enough pertinent information into the system. I may just become lazy AF and write short blurbs and put it into this program.

This thing might not be able to take my job…yet. It thought Brock Bowers was considered a weakness by Nick Saban. It also totally lied about his height and weight, which is so concerning that it can lie. This thing has outdated information, but if it had access to the current internet, it could totally autogenerate stories. 

I will definitely be able to use it as a tool to write blogs. In order to prevent this thing from beating me I will use it as much as I can. This is PEDs for bloggers. We are in the AI era of blogging. If I were a Highschool or College student, I would use this program to write essays. I bet this thing could easily break down quotes and trick any teacher into thinking it was written by a student. If it can get passed plagiarism detectors academia as we know it is gone. This thing will replace all writers in a certain amount of time. 

Not only that, but the AI revolution will easily leave everyone unemployed. Construction may be the only domestic job that will be safe. If you are in journalism school, switch your major right now. This thing can write way faster and easier than anything you can do. There's going to be one editor that can do the work of 10 writers, and it's going to be insane. Look at the response it crafted for a Twitter employee to tell Elon what he does at his job. 

If I was smart I would go try to start an AI-generated blog and just start racking in the pageviews money. At least it can't replicate personality and the affinity readers have for bloggers who enjoy their subject matters. Like so many people like Big Cat for his consistent creation of content over time. They have a human-to-human affinity for him as a provider of the content. You can't love a machine like that. Or maybe you can. The machines are coming, we gotta use every ounce of humanity to beat them.