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WATCH: Luke Combs Is An Absolute Menace In The Paint

This one fadeaway jump shot is all I need to see to know that Luke Combs is someone you absolutely don't want to play against in a pick-up basketball game. If you have that in your arsenal, you can do just about anything on the court.

There's nothing worse as a big man than getting into a pick-up game and realizing that your match-up on the other team is not only willing to bang down low and compete for rebounds but can also give you buckets. Now you have to expend all of your energy on the defensive end of the floor and you're not able to contribute anything offensively. It throws the whole game off.

Combs called game, too. This man has a dozen No. 1 songs and can also splash the game-winner with a hand in his face. That's one of the most talented men in America.

BONUS: Top 5 Luke Combs songs

1. Forever After All

2. Even Though I'm Leaving

3. Better Together

4. When It Rains It Pours

5. Beer Never Broke My Heart