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The Titans Pull A Stunner And Fire Their GM Days After AJ Brown Shoved That Horrible Trade Right Back In Their Faces

Very odd timing for this to come out, you usually don't see GM's fired on a Tuesday afternoon when they're in first place but something else is going on in Tennessee. Jon Robinson is OUT as GM after taking over in 2016 and doing a pretty good job overall. 

This team was in the dumps, no talent on the roster, 2-14 seasons, 3-13 seasons and he built them into one of the most talented rosters in the NFL. He had them knocking on the doorstep of the Super Bowl before a loss to the Chiefs, he built a roster that got the #1 seed just last year with their top player Derrick Henry missing an extended period of time, but something just wasn't right with Mike Vrabel and Robinson. Hmm.

It’s very interesting  this firing comes days after AJ Brown absolutely embarrassed his former team and showed them what they were missing. Was that the final straw? No way, but it couldn't have helped his case. Again, it's bizarre timing for a team in first place and a team that is going to win their division for the third year in a row. 

Robinson is a really good GM but has had some misses recently. Top draft picks being awful (Isaiah Wilson, Caleb Farley), not really hitting on free agents, and obviously the AJ trade... there have been some misses. Now we wait to hear what comes out, and it was kind of cryptic where Mike Vrabel said after Sunday's thrashing that the team is at a crossroad and they had decisions to make. Was it a "me or him" situation? Who knows, but we do know that Robinson is OUT as GM of the Titans as they head into a critical part of their season. Never a good recipe if you ask me.