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The Backflip Ninja Is Fighting A Freed Convict In A Champion VS Champion Showdown This Friday

CHAMPION vs CHAMPION ALERT!!! This Friday at RNR19 we have 2 title belt brawlers squaring off in an unprecedented matchup. It's our Lightweight champ NINJA (the backflip guy) vs our Middleweight champ MAKE IT HAPPEN (freed convict) and it's only the 2nd time in RNR history we've had this type of fight. (RIP NIGHTY NIGHT) 

Pains my heart to post Wade Woodruff going down like that at RNR18… He's gotta be 1 of the toughest S.O.B.'s we've ever had and he proved that by moving up 20 lbs from Middleweight to Heavyweight to fight LIGHTS OUT LAING at RNR12. 

That brawl could be a sign of things to come with NINJA now moving up a weight class but he may have more of an advantage since that is the weight he fought at before becoming the Lightweight champ. Lest we forget though.. MAKE IT HAPPEN literally just got out of prison. For a Nic Cage Con Air type situation. He fears NO man. 

No matter who wins, the hierarchy of power in the RNR championship universe is about to change. NINJA could be walking out of Providence with 2 title belts around his waist, or MAKE IT HAPPEN could prove he's not just a flash in the pan and in fact 1 of the top young guns in RNR today. 

Only way to find out what happens is watching on BuyRNR.com THIS FRIDAY NIGHT starting at 8 pm ET. You get 48 hour replay with your order along with 20 fights, 5 main events, ring girl contest, whole commentary team back + Ryan Whitney, and plenty of demented moments in front of our 5000 person crowd. LFG

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