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Mystery Solved: The Blonde Woman Next To Mark Davis Has Been Identified, So Let's Meet Hayden Hopkins

There it is. She has been found mostly thanks to this picture: 

And this response: 

[Source] - She shared an Instagram Story from the stands on Sunday, showing off her VIP seats alongside Davis with a TV built-in the front. And she confirmed that she and Davis were just neighborly friends after being asked about the experience on Instagram.

She replied to a fan: "Haha MD [Mark Davies] is a legend!

"He's my neighbor/friend. Fun game."

The she? That would be 25-year old Hayden Hopkins, a Cirque Du Soleil dancer. She's also Mark Davis' neighbor, which I need to know way more about. We talk about reality shows all the time, Hopkins and Davis getting together for cookouts and asking to borrow sugar is something I need a camera on at all times. Remember this is the picture that went viral: 

She already has 211,000 Instagram followers. Not a bad number. I bet that thing SOARS this week. Tough being a diehard Raiders fan though. You gotta be nice to Mark since he's your neighbor, but also, gotta get some wins here at some point. 

This is why I refuse to let Twitter die. We have one picture go out, the entire world sees the Mark Davis clip. Someone is able to track down who it is. It's the old school story we used to love. Send out the smoke patrol for those who remember. Good work everyone.