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Hall Of Fame. Hall Of Schmame. Barry Bonds Is The Best To Ever Do It.

I don't know if you guys saw the news but: 

I wish I could spend the week making Crime Dog content but honestly who gives a shit if we're still pretending Barry Bonds doesn't belong? Who gives a shit about Cooperstown if the people gate keeping it want to pretend Roger Clemens isn't worthy. The same assholes that shit on Fred McGriff for nearly two decades are the same guys championing his unanimous contemporary era committee selection. It doesn't make sense. 

Barry Bonds is statistically the best player over the last 100 years. And truthfully you don't even need to look at stats. Just use the eye test. Nobody in my life even remotely compares to Barry Bonds in the box. He could turn on 103 at his hands and then spit on a plus plus changeup 3 inches off the plate. I'm about to look up his contact rate on balls in the zone from a random season. Let's say 2002. 

Giphy Images.

90% contact rate when he swung at strikes. 

11% rate of swinging at balls outside the zone compared to like 35% for MLB average. 

All of this while slugging .799 which is just a staggering thing to think about and AGAIN I don't even want to do the numbers. You shouldn't have to talk about his ratios and value. We don't do that shit with Ty Cobb


Why do we empower the nerds so much? These pussy baseball writers that can't get over the fact Barry Bonds wasn't your buddy. Oh boo fuckin who. If there's any common sense left on the internet then we'll bully the baseball writers and phony legacy makers into correcting their mistakes. You can't sandbag me with known PED users on the 1st ballot and then tell me Barry Lamar Bonds isn't deserving. That's bullshit and I'm sick and fucking tired of it. 

More today on Starting 9 in a real tight episode. Listen here. 

PS - if you need help figuring out the eye test…