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Watch: Soccer Legend Samuel Eto'o Delivered A Knee To Some Guy's Face At The World Cup After He Accused Eto'o Of Bribing Refs

How the fuck did that dude get up so easily? That was a knee to the face. That was a knee to the face from Samuel Eto'o, a soccer legend. There was force there. There was aggression there. I'm honestly more impressed that the dude popped back up like it was nothing. Then again, it could be one of those things where you're so amped up that your body goes into shock and the pain hits like a motherfucker later on. In fact I choose to believe that's the only possible thing here. 

The backstory here is fairly laid out. Eto'o is the president of Cameroon's soccer federation. They are in the World Cup thanks to a dramatic victory over Algeria - the point that Algeria wanted the game replayed. 

[Source] - The Algerian Football Federation (FAF) have called for a replay of their World Cup play-off second leg against Cameroon over “scandalous” refereeing decisions.

Algeria striker Islam Slimani saw two efforts ruled out, one in the second half for offside, and a second in the first half of extra-time after Gambian referee Bakary Gassama consulted the pitchside monitor and deemed there had been a handball in the build-up.

Ahmed Touba had scored an 118th-minute header to seemingly send Algeria to the World Cup finals, only for Toko Ekambi to score four minutes into stoppage time of second-half extra-time.

So this dude decides to tell Eto'o he bribed the refs. It's the very real definition of fuck around and find out. Be ready to catch a flying knee like it's Adam Cole delivering the boom. Eto'o just needed to move his pant leg around so he could go bare knee on the face. 

I love the apology by Eto'o too. Basically just straight up telling Algeria to cut it out. I don't blame him. I wouldn't want to be accused of bribing refs. That would never happen in the very sacred sport of soccer. Never once heard of corruption or anything of the sort. 

Never thought I'd say this but let me chalk up 'not getting kneed to the face by Eto'o' as something on my bucket list. Just looks miserable.