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Does Women's College Basketball Need Enforcers? We Had Hair Pulls And Fists Flying In GW vs TCU

 Oh hell yeah, ladies! Now that's what I call some old time basketball! Like going back in time and watching some John Brisker, baby! What a tilt! What a scrap. Just a couple ladies out there deciding to settle things on their own. 

As someone with a wife and 2 daughters, I know how goddamn expensive girls hair can be. You're not getting out of there for anything under $150. It's ridiculous. I have no idea who sets the market on women's hair, but it's out of control. So if the GW girl is going to grab a fistful of TCU's hair knowing how much is financially invested in that ponytail? She better be ready to square up. 

By the way, I love the move by 14 on TCU immediately going for the hair pull herself. An eye for an eye, if you will. That's the sign of a great enforcer right there who understands and respects the code. You get your revenge, no more and no less. Once you step over the line, you go from an enforcer to a goon. Goons lack honor and integrity. They're just out looking to hunt people down and inflict as much damage as possible. Glad to see the art is alive and well in women's college hoops.