Joe Buck Was Absolutely WILDIN' Before MNF Kickoff To Warm The Stage For Tom Brady's Crazy Comeback

Let's just be clear from the outset: Contrary to what the above tweet says, I don't believe at all that Joe Buck was saucing on the job. I can't find this succinctly-edited footage anywhere else, and I'm not about to engage in libel on this man. Whatever Buck was juiced up on, though, he was fully sending it and operating at full sentience to set the scene for what turned into a dramatic edition of Monday Night Football.

Buck has had some pretty fucking bland calls over the years. The David Tyree Helmet Catch comes immediately to mind, among others. But like, how can you not like this dude at this point in his career? He's put in decades of time, and he only keeps growing on me. Mad respect for continuing to evolve and having FUN with it, Joe!!

"It's De-CEEEEEM-ber!" Buck screeched as the ESPN telecast shot footage outside of Raymond James Stadium. I might've fallen in love for a fleeting, heated moment there.


And once Buck introduced Tom Brady jogging onto the field for warmups, was there ever a doubt he wasn't going to do something extraordinary? Come on.

"YAAAH! Let's...LET'S GO!" Buck exclaimed, additionally implying that he can't put the "F" in LFG on live TV. It's OK, Joe. We get it. No complaints here. Then my lord...when he talks about ex-Bengal Andy "Red Rifle" Dalton tucking that beautiful beard beneath his chinstrap with such reverence...

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Hell of a model American, that Joe Buck.

I was very passively viewing the vast majority of Monday's prime-time affair, because the caliber of teams was simply not good. Tom Brady doing his best to drag the Bucs to an NFC South title. Facing the division rival Saints, whose defense for whatever reason has always had TB12's number. Thankfully, I tuned in for the thrilling finish where Brady rallied Tampa to a stunning 17-16 win, but only afterwards did I become aware of Buck just going HAM on the mic.

The patented Buck Broadcast Restraint was back on the final play. I don't blame him at all for leaning on ole reliable in his arsenal during that watershed moment:

You gotta let everyone take in the 45-year-old GOAT's winning toss and shut it. I mean maybe a little more juice. Maybe a touch more commentary. Otherwise no major notes. Joe Buck more than made up for, say, an 8.5/10 call there by dialing it up to 11. 

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If you were anywhere near your TV set or phone stream or however you watch football and you saw Buck crushing whatever freestyle pregame segments he was rolling with, dare I say you must've been more fired up to tune in for what had all the makings of an ugly-ass game.

Thank you for straight-up SERVING for us tonight, Joe Buck. You're a national treasure and don't let anyone tell you differently.

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