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Randy Moss Says He Didn't Go To Tennessee Because Peyton Manning Was Late To His Recruiting Visit

If you had Peyton Manning's wife being the reason Randy Moss did not play at the University of Tennessee on your bingo card, come claim your prize.

Assuming Moss actually ended up at Tennessee, this would have been the nastiest college QB-WR combo of all-time. Marcus Nash and Peerless Price would have been afterthoughts with Peyton slinging the ball to Randy on every play. I'm upset we didn't get to see this and I wasn't even alive.

But I think Moss took the wrong message from this whole situation. Peyton Manning left his wife at 3 a.m. to drive from Virginia back to Knoxville and Randy was upset that he was late?! I'd say regardless of what time Peyton got there, that took some dedication and respect. The fact Peyton showed up at all should have made Moss commit on the spot.

The 1997 season with those guys would have been a sight to behold. Moss might have gone for 2,500 yards that year with Peyton throwing to him. They both ended up being Heisman Trophy finalists before Manning was screwed out of the award, which is seemingly becoming a theme for Tennessee quarterbacks these days.


That visit should have been scheduled for a weekend Peyton was definitely going to be in town.