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Being sober for 5 weeks Training for Rough 'n Rowdy hasn’t been easy. I had to do a complete and total180 lifestyle switch up. There were 3 major changes that got me ready for this fight: training, eating better, and not drinking. 

I mean, if we’re being honest I haven’t fully worked out like this since I was in high school (queue the “no shit” stoolie comments.) But seriously, for the past 5 weeks I’ve gotten up at the crack of ass to do full body workouts that also kick my ass. You should’ve seen me on day one. I brought a camera that day, but that footage will never be seen by the public. It was embarrassing to say the least. I felt like I was on America’s Biggest Loser. Which looking back, was an odd concept for prime time television back in the day…but that’s besides the point. 

Five weeks ago, I quite literally was in the routine of DoorDashing every single meal I ate out of convenience and my inability to cook. I have now become one of those earthy-crunchy Trader Joe’s regulars, the ones I once could not stand. I’m even posting pictures of my meals on my story simply because I can’t believe I made something healthy and edible. I also forgot how much money you can save when you cook at home, a small win for this first-year employee whose first paycheck of every month goes towards rent and student loans. 

Now like every Irish Catholic, I come from a long line of functioning alcoholics. But we don’t call it that. In my family we say things like “It’s only a problem if you make it a problem” and “That was a lovely service…are you going to the after party, it’s open bar?” I mean, I’ve been drinking since I was in middle school and I haven’t taken this long of a break from drinking…ever. 

So needless to say, no booze for the past 5 weeks has been the hardest obstacle. Not to mention, me and Brianna's whole schtick kind of revolves around partying. Sleep When You’re Dead, am I right? That’s the thing about drinking, there’s never a good time to really take a month off. You could make an excuse for just about every month on why you can’t do it. 

There were so many events we went to last month that could have gotten me to fall off the wagon if I didn’t have my eyes on the prize. For example, we flew out to SCOTTSDALE ARIZONA to open the BARSTOOL BAR - SCOTTSDALE and I had the willpower to strictly pound Red Bulls the whole night. I came so close to slipping up and trying a can of Big Deal so that Biz didn't think I was a fucking loser, but once I told him why I wasn't drinking he hyped me up and I kept the Red Bulls flowing. I guess you could say, game respects game. Alexa, delete that last sentence.


All in all it’s been a tough but phenomenal journey these last few weeks. I lost 25 pounds, my mind is right, and I am proud to say that I am ready to KICK SOME FUCKING ASS ON FRIDAY.

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With 4 days to go, please enjoy this video of my manager (Pags) and I auditioning our co-workers to be in my walkout crew. Spoiler alert, even with her poor interview performance Alex Bennet did in fact make the cut.