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Baker Mayfield Was Released And Now Can Flourish With A Real Organization

Baker Mayfield went to one of the worst franchises in the world in the Brown and turned it in the right direction very fast. They had brown paper bags over their faces and they were one yard away from an AFC Championship. The front office from ownership on down obviously has a lot of problems, so Baker had to get out of there.

Fast forward to this year and Baker went to a team that fired their head coach and decided to trade away the most dynamic player in the NFL. The Panthers have been a disaster of a franchise for a couple of years now and they need a whole rebuild after this year. Baker has been put in dog shit situations and really never had anyone to learn from. Patrick Mahomes had a year to learn from Andy Reid, Aaron Rodgers learned from Brett Favre. But Baker needs to be put in a great situation. 

That situation is the San Francisco 49ers. Baker can be the guy to dump it off to whatever player Kyle Shanahan schemed open and not turn the ball over just like Jimmy G was doing. You guys can all clown Baker but there is nobody in the world who can succeed with that Carolina Panthers offensive line and weapons right now or the Cleveland Browns pretty much ever. 

Even if the 49ers do not pick him up, Baker needs to go to a competent team that actually wants to work with him. He just has show he can be a backup, wait for the inevitable injury to a starter in a sport full of them, and all of you people clowning Baker will watch him prove the haters wrong once again,. As the #1 Baker Mayfield fan it has been a tough season but I am not giving up on my guy.