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The Scandal That Rocked The Hospital: Man Gets Nurse Fired Because She Sent Him A Nice Text

Scioto County Daily News - A nurse from SOMC is facing an intense backlash after violating the privacy of a patient by contacting him for a possible date. It all started when the patient went to SOMC Urgent Care for treatment. 

Around 8 am on Tuesday, the patient – who is unnamed for privacy reasons – visited SOMC Urgent Care on Kinneys Lane for treatment. 

Later that day, he received troubling text messages from an unidentified person. The first one read, “I hope you don’t mind. I just wanted to tell you that you are very good lookin.”

When the patient asked who was sending the text, the sender said, “If I tell you, you’re going to think I’m weird.” 

The patient then demanded to know, “Who the hell is this.”  

That’s when the nurse responded, “No need to be rude, I was your nurse earlier.”

The patient told SCDN they were terrified by this violation of privacy and provided screenshots of the conversation and the number it came from. The patient immediately contacted the hospital to report the incident. 

I really hate this patient. Get off your high horse dude. Yeah, I know it was unprofessional, but just take the compliment and move on with your day. You're dealing with a fucking Urgent Care in Middle of Nowhere, Ohio. They don't play by the same rules as hospitals. Urgent Care's feature one doctor in jeans + open toe sandals who is splitting his time between 3 other Urgent Cares, a nurse who got her degree online at The University of Phoenix, and a sultry woman at the front desk with a bad attitude. You don't hold them to the same standard as real-life hospitals. You give up your HIPPA rights in exchange for being able to walk in off the street and get a Vicodin prescription within 30 minutes.

I'm fully comfortable admitting that there is a double standard here. If a male nurse pulled the records of a female patient and contacted her later that evening, that seems over the line. That's just how the world works. But if you're this patient, and your female nurse (who might even be hot), takes the time out of her day to find your information and send you a text saying how handsome you are, you should be honored. Who does this guy think he is? I don't care how hot he is, or how grotesque the nurse may be. It doesn't matter. If ANY girl compliments me on my looks, that's a win. 

Sure I might not take her up on her offer. And of course I'm going to joke around with my friends about it being a major HIPPA violation. But to go out of your way to get her fired? Fuck you man. It was harmless. For some reason, someone released the audio of a phone conversation between the nurse and the patient that occurred after the patient had reported her. This conversation made me hate him even more.

The way he said, "This choice is going to effect you for a long time, huh?" makes me want to put my fist through a wall. This man clearly fancies himself a Good Samaritan who's teaching this young women a life lesson about the consequences of her actions. Those are the worst types of people our society has to offer. They just fucking love rules SO MUCH. They get off on enforcing the rules. They salivate at any opportunity they have to call someone out for not following them perfectly. And if they can get someone fired? They're cumming their pants. I'll never be able to relate to people like that.

ALSO, you can't really tell how someone looks by their voice, but this male Karen's voice doesn't strike me as the voice of a man who has women kicking down his door. And this nurse sounds like the sweetest girl ever. Receiving that text should have been nothing more than a morale boost for him. 

This nice young woman fully admits to her mistake and realizes that what she did was wrong. She's not making excuses. Obviously what she did was unprofessional, but c'mon man, you don't need to significantly alter the course of her life because of it. The article said he IMMEDIATELY contacted the hospital. This man was so appalled that this friendly young nurse at the fucking Urgent Care violated his sacred privacy by sending him a completely harmless text, that he won't rest until she is relieved of her fake nursing job at the fake medical facility.

Scioto County Daily News - She said a supervisor had spoken to her and informed her that her actions were a violation of HIPAA rules and that she would likely be fired. 

Neither the patient nor SCDN has received any official communication regarding this incident from SOMC.

A local attorney said, “This is going to rock the hospital.”

Let's relax with the, "This is going to rock the hospital". Even calling this a scandal is a stretch. It was nothing more than a bad decision by a young nurse tryna get it in, and this asshole had to make a whole thing about it. I'm starting to think that this is just the most exciting thing that has ever happened in Scioto County, and the Scioto County Daily News is so excited that they finally have some news to report on other than cow population or crop yields or GED test results. 

Boo this man. You're making the world a worse place.

P.S. Somebody DM'd this story to me on Twitter, and I'm scared that it's the patient from this article. If so, I'm sorry brother, you seem very nice. But I had to give my honest take on this.