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Guy Gets A Trident Through His NECK After a Fight At Work - Proceeds To Drive Himself To Hospital And Tell Doctor "It Didn't Hurt"

This might honestly be one of the crazier stories I've ever seen. It comes out of India. 

A man who was stabbed with a rusty old trident through his neck miraculously survived the ordeal - following an argument at work. But the lucky worker told doctors though it didn't even hurt.

Bhaskar Ram, 33, received the bizarre injury in a fight with two men at his workplace in Kalyani, India. Graphic footage shows the weapon stuck in his neck as he awaited treatment

I mean read the first sentence again. This guys neck was pierced with essentially a piece of rebar and to him "it didn't even hurt." It also didn't cause really any blood or injury. He then drove himself to the hospital which was 40 MILES AWAY.

"We first conducted a supportive surgery by placing a tracheostomy tube in the airway for breathing and then started our surgery. None of the vital structures were injured as the rod had miraculously missed the vital organs that included the carotid, internal jugular vein, trachea, oesophagus, larynx, vertebra and the spinal cord. 

The guy is expected to make a full recovery. Think about going into work, you have a small argument with a coworker, maybe face a can of High Noon to the head, but imagine a rod in your neck and somehow you survive but also have little to no pain. This guy was a complete warrior. My question is what and how did the rod plunge into his neck? How did it get to that point? I will have to follow up with this story and figure out what happened. It looks like the two guys that did it got arrested.

Either way, hell of a day at the office for Mr Ram.