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ABC Has Taken Good Morning America Hosts TJ Holmes and Amy Robach Off The Air Indefinitely Just a Few Days After Their Affair Became Public Knowledge

Lou Rocco. Getty Images.

Daily Mail

Sources tell DailyMail.com that the lovers have been removed from GMA3 'indefinitely'. 

Instead, ABC National Correspondent Stephanie Ramos and Transportation Correspondent Gio Benitez will host GMA3 today while ABC works out how to handle the PR nightmare, sources claim. 

'There is massive confusion internally,' a source said. 'ABC News executive Kim [Godwin] has taken them off the air while they deal with this internally.'  ABC News' President Kim Godwin made the announcement during an internal call Monday morning, calling the romance a distraction. 


No Aaron Judge movement yet so we're back with some more Good Morning America drama between TJ Holmes, Amy Robach, and ABC executives. The latest? They've been yanked off the air as the network internally discusses what to do. Lame! 

I don't know about you, but I found myself actually interested in all of this and how the two would handle the drama moving forward. Scandal, affair, public drama? In. On Friday T.J. Holmes made some subtle jokes about the whole thing, attempting to laugh off the craziness. I don't hate that move. 


Having a Faith Friday segment was actually incredible. I'm sure this is something they regularly do, but the timing was amazing. 

While I get joking about infidelity and flaunting it out there for everyone to see is a tough look for ABC, this was a ratings gold mine for them. Everything about this was consensual and they're grown adults. ABC's executive said they didn't break any rules, but the distraction became too much. All of a sudden we care about morals? 

Let me ask this question, who knew there was something called GMA3? Any hands up? No one knew who TJ Holmes and Amy Robach were before this. Trust tree here, I was working from home on Friday and actually threw on ABC at 1pm to catch the beginning of the show. Granted that viewing attention span lasted all of five minutes, but they got my click. I feel like if they just ran them out there today and kept the train moving it would fade off into the distance. That is unless there's more to the story. Could it be possible Holmes infidelity expands past Robach and involves more women at the studio? It wouldn't be that shocking considering he had already cheated on his wife with a GMA producer in 2019. Contrary to what was initially being told to everyone, Holmes' wife had no idea this was going on. No actual surprise there, but that's now out there for everyone to know. Who knows what happens, but for the indefinite future there will be two new hosts for GMA3 and with that the ratings plummet right back down to Earth.