Is Grace O'Malley Getting KO'd By Her Cajun Clone?

Fight-A-Fan season is upon us and this Friday night we'll find out if it was a good idea to pit Grace "THE MICK" O'Malley against a Louisiana girl who's been wrestling alligators since birth. RNR has never had a fighter from the Bayou before so I really don't know how to judge this matchup. Might have to ask the King Of The South Ben Mintz his thoughts. 

There's no doubt Grace has the heart of a Boston champion plus PLENTY of pent up aggression from being sober for the past 2 months… but honestly I am worried about her well-being way more than I was for Alex Bennett in her West Virginia fight. THE CAJUN PUNISHER may not have any "fight experience" but growing up in a humid swamp has gotta sharpen your edges quite a bit. BUT HOW CAN YOU NOT BELIEVE IN THE BOSTON KID!!!

The only way to find out if THE MICK survives the night is on this Friday December 9th. We have 20 fights on the card with 5 main events, ring girl contest, whole commentary team back + Ryan Whitney jumping in, and what will likely be 5000+ screaming Stoolie maniacs in the arena. Check out some of our RNR19 matchups below before the PPV starts at 8 pm ET.