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Colorado's Athletic Director Admitted CU Doesn't Actually Have The Money To Pay Deion Sanders Yet

Anyone who has ever given $1 to the University of Colorado has probably received a phone call in the last 24 hours to make sure they've heard that Deion Sanders is the new coach of the Buffs. And oh by the way, if you donate $512 in honor of Coach Prime's number of career tackles, you'll receive a signed 8x10 print in the mail!

I love the honesty from Rick George here. And he's right, it's not like Colorado has to write Deion a $30 million check tomorrow. If he goes out and gets a couple four-stars to commit in this class, the donors will be lining up to give money. And then once the Buffs start actually winning games with Coach Prime dancing on the sideline, they'll have more money than they know what to do with.

More schools should do this. Give the best coach you can find $15 million a year if that's what it takes and as long as they win, the money will be there. There has never been a successful Power Five football program that couldn't afford to pay its coach. So secure the success part on the front end and then let the finances take care of themselves.

This is a 200 IQ play from Colorado.