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Dustin Poirier Currently Hospitalized For Staph Infection, Says "Sh*ts Getting Serious"

Just wanted to send best wishes to Dustin "The Diamond" Poirier here after seeing he's been hospitalized with a staph infection - especially after the "Going on day 2 in the hospital. Shits getting serious" update he shared this morning.

Staph infections are unfortunately all too common for athletes in combat sports, but they can turn into significant problems from time to time that are absolutely terrifying. 

If you weren't aware, Kevin Randleman was hospitalized for staph about fifteen years ago, and the infection leaked into his bloodstream which started shutting down his organs and put him into a coma for weeks. He nearly died and it left a disgusting baseball-sized hole under his arm for a while.

I'll spare you the jump scare, but just click HERE for the Google Image search results for it. WARNING tho: it's gross. Really gross. Like - super gross. You'll have a new worst nightmare after seeing it. It's a hole big enough for Harry Potter to sleep in at night. It'll make you puke.

(No disrespect tho, RIP Kevin Randleman)

I'm now contemplating whether or not that was the best story to share in a blog where I'm wishing a guy with a serious staph infection well…….but I highly doubt Poirier is going to be reading this in the first place - so I'm sure it's fine. Technology and medicine's only gotten better since then, right? I'm sure they've got the best doctors working on him too. I've got the upmost faith in "The Diamond" pulling thru like he always does.

Rooting for Poirier to kick staph's ass so we can see him back in the cage ASAP.