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Year After Year, Baseball Hall Of Fame Voters Continue To Show They Are Absolute Crumb Bums

Another year, another chance where Baseball Hall of Fame voters have the opportunity to right a wrong and put in some of the guys who 100% being in Cooperstown.....and yet again they failed us. This is a new committee, as Klemmer blogged about a few weeks back, called the Contemporary Baseball Era Players Committee that had a new ballot announced and gave new life to some of the guys who had dropped off the ballot, with some HUGE names that were in the running to get inducted. However it turns out this players committee is just as bad as the jerkoff writers who think of themselves as bigger than the players. 

Now congrats to Crime Dog since he deserved to be in a while ago. But even though I'm happy that the Contemporary Baseball Era Players Committee voted him in, I can't believe they shutout everyone else. The guys shutout? Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Curt Schilling, Dale Murphy, Albert Belle, Rafael Palmeiro, and Don Mattingly. You can make a case that ALL of those guys deserve to be in Cooperstown and it's a joke every single one of them is still waiting. I've said it before but in what world is David Ortiz a first ballot Hall of Famer but Barry Bonds isn't?

Don Mattingly only getting 8 votes is wild. Say what you want about Curt Schilling, but his numbers prove he belongs in Cooperstown. I know he's an absolute awful person through and through but the numbers scream Cooperstown. Dale Murphy deserves more love too, that guy needs to be in. I thought this new committee would give these guys new life, but it doesn't appear that way. 

Barry Bonds didn't even get 4 votes from 16 people. Not 4! What are we doing here? Why is Fred McGriff going to be in the museum telling the story of baseball but Bonds isn't? And the Roger Clemens stuff blows my mind too. How does he not get 4 votes from his peers? I get the steroid allegations, and that is all they are, allegations. Ortiz tested positive, that is a fact. He waltzed into the Hall because he was nice to reporters. He's not a great guy either, but because he was funny he gets in and the greatest hitter and pitcher of all time have to wait. I really thought this new committee would be for the better, it's not. It looks like these guys are just as pompous as the writers.

Everything about the Baseball Hall of Fame is a joke. It's an illegitimate museum that doesn't tell the complete story of the sport. Then when they go and invent a new way to get guys in….they still can't get it right. It's a shame that everyone involved in this great sport sucks. Sport can't get out of it's own way, what a joke.