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A Giants DB Is On Twitter Complaining About Playing Time, Getting Caught Liking Tweets Shit Talking Coaches And Other Players

What the fuck man? Listen, I'm all for my guys competing. I want guys who want to be on the field. But you can't have this. Can't have guys who are tweeting like an emo song and then liking tweets shit talking coaches and Zyon Gilbert. Don't get me wrong, Gilbert was awful yesterday, but let other people say it. Just go get off Twitter and have a better week practicing so you can start. 

This is what would happen if we still had Gettleman, Shurmur, Judge and that trash. But not this. Daboll can't stand for it. You can't be a bald football coach who carries around an empty briefcase and let guys get away with this. You also can't be a bald football coach who carries around an empty briefcase and punt on 4th and 3. Go win the damn game instead of a tie. That's just my two cents and also this: 

This is what we can't have though. Giants are playing with house money in terms of success. Everyone expected this team to be awful because we've been awful for recent memory. Now we're in the middle of a playoff race. That means we need everyone to be bought in. No more complaining. For sure can't have TWO guys complaining 

I'll trust Daboll to get this shit taken care of. Giants end with Eagles (2x), Commanders, Colts and Vikings. Gotta get two wins out of there and potentially three pending what you do against Washington again. No more shit talking on Twitter. No more acting like little babies. Beat out someone or get your ass cheering on the bench.