This DB That Had An Interception Snatched From His Hands For A Game-Winning Touchdown In A Washington State Championship Game Must Still Be Having Nightmares

So many things to unpack in this video . 

First off, absolutely horrible for the defensive back and so many questions to ask off of the play. 

Was it 4th down (probably not since he tried to intercept it)? Did he always have weak grip like this that he couldn’t hold onto it? Did he expect in his wildest dreams the wide receiver to snatch the ball away? 

Now the wide receiver. What a fucking play. It almost feels like it was staged to have such a perfect angle on this. Amazing . I can’t believe the kid snatched the ball away the way he did. Nuts. 

Something about this time of year and high school state finals plays coming out across the country that just warms my heart. Nothing like seeing absolutely lunacy plays across the country. 

I’ll never forget where I was when I first saw the most famous of them all and immediately went down a rabbit hole of the most insane comeback of all time. And just when you think you have seen it all , the team who comes all the way back gets their hearts ripped out again. By far my favorite random highlight of all time. Lunacy of a game. Plus the announcers are electric . 

God I love this game.

Thinking of the DB in this tik tok and all the guys on the Plano East kick off team who couldn’t get the job done. They’ll be sick for years.